Thursday, 4 September 2008


* On an average day, Britain's water pipes carry 16 billion liters of water- enough to fill 18 million bathtubs

*Between 7am-10am, 36 million Britons commute to school or work.

*The average road user will spend more than six months of their life stuck in traffic jams.

*The English Channel is the busiest shipping lane in the world: on a typical day 400 vessels travel through the Dover Straits.

*Every day more than 7,500 civilian aircraft carring a total of half a million passengers crowd into Britain's airspace.

*At least £750 million in cash is transported around Britain's road every day. Driving these delivery vans is one of the most dangerous job in the country - up to 15 vans are attacked each week.

*The nation's rubbish trucks collect more than 82,000 tons of refuse every day.

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