Monday, 1 September 2008


Pete is contracting at Virgin Media at the moment. People who are watching BIG BROTHER at channel 4 know that Big Brother is sponsored by Virgin Media. It sounds like fun place to work for those who don't have dead lines ticking on back of their neck or who are permament workers as a office furniture includes also a big plasma TV and a snooker/pool table. During the Olympic games everybody was able to follow sporting events on the big screen and it is quite normal if someone will be offering you a game of pool in the middle of the day ( I mean outside the lunch hours).

Last week there was a Big Brother's double decker bus at their car park where people were able to have their photo taken while sitting on the Big Brother Diary room Chair (identical to the one in the show). The bus was specially disigned to fit it in. When Pete came home and told me about this I become all excited and asked to see the photos. He then proudly took out his phone and showed me these (and some other) photos what he had taken... 'AND!?' : I said expecting him to show me an A3 size PROPER photo of him sitting on THIS chair.... He said that if I would have been there then he would have had one taken but I wasn't and so he wasn't too bothered and went for a walk instead.

...and I saw it already in my mind, framed, decorating our hallway... NOT :-)


  1. Kummaline, et ikka veel on neid, kes seda saadet vaatavad.

  2. Kui telekast ei ole palju midagi muud vaadata ja kui on Sky+ mis laseb sul saateid vaadata siis kui ise tahad ja kui on stressi rohke too siis on sellised saated just parajad tunniajaliseks loogastuseks...ja kui oled psyholoogiast huvitatud siis on see ideaalne saade et inimeste kaitumist eri tingimustes naha/analyysida :-)