Monday, 19 May 2008


Vaatasin just uudistest video klippi Hiina maavärinast mis oli filmitud 'as it happened'. It broke my heart to see those people suffering... little children trapped in schools calling for their mums...broken body parts... blood...lifeless bodies half covered under the rubbles.
At the same time I was impressed by Chinese government and people how their were handling the situation. There were no riots on the streets or massive panic where people would be running around and causing lots of chaos. Quite the opposite – ordinary people used common sense and showed great ability to get quickly organised in order to start the rescue operation and save more lives. Shopkeepers were handing out their stocks to feed sufferers.
For our surprise we found out that it was not possible to donate money to help sufferers as the country government had enough money and resources to handle this disaster. Unfortunately completely different story with Burma.

...Still the desire to do something and not be able to leaves me feel so helpless


  1. mõnikord lihtsalt pole midagi parata... Emakesele Loodusele ei saa kätt ette panna. aga hea on, et Hiinas abi toimib ja inimesed mõtlevad üksteise pääle.


  2. Hiinlased vähemalt abistavad oma kannatanuid ja tegelevad päästetööga, palju hullem on Birma võimude tegevusetus.